Let there be light…

I’ve been wondering exactly where to start this blog. When I started a blog for my son it was easy. There were ultrasounds, but in particular, very late in my pregnancy I had a 3D ultrasound, which isn’t like those black & white whattheheckisthat ultrasounds. It’s like a real picture. The first true glimpse of the life that’s about to be. That’s where I started his blog.

I’m about half way through my life (if all goes well), so going back to the beginning isn’t really possible. Also, I didn’t start playing pool until I was…well, let’s say 11 years ago. So maybe I should start at the beginning of my pool career. What would my pool career in it’s embryonic state look like? I’ve thought about this carefully, and although at first I thought it might look like this:


(My first tournament win, APA Singles 8 Ball Regionals)

Or even this:


(My first WPBA qualifier win)

I realized that the moment where professional pool became a reality for me would, in fact, look like this:


What the heck is that, you ask? It’s the moment my coach, Stu Mattana and I entered into a Mentor/Student relationship. This wasn’t the moment of my career’s conception…that happened one spring day when my husband and I impulsively walked into a pool hall to kill some time. This was the moment when that which I was dreaming about suddenly became a reality.

To quote my friend and mentor Stu, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

4 thoughts on “Let there be light…

  1. Hi Jennifer
    Good job on the tournament. Looking forward to San Deigo. I will be watching the live stream. Good luck.


  2. Thank you for this site and letting us know what is going on with you. Great picture of you with one of the greats.

    Mike from fort bragg Ca

  3. I was watching you play tonight at Amsterdam Billiards (June 11). I was the one who congratulated you on sinking the 9 ball on the break.
    Yes, those cushions are “springy”.
    In the last game your opponent had a shot on the 9 ball and my buddy said he’d make it. I have to say I was rooting for you and bet him a buck that he’d miss….and he did miss :>
    Thanks for making me the buck.
    I live near Amsterdam Billiards.
    Do you give lessons? I would be interested.
    All the best… Dave Lawrence (eltrcdave@aol.com)

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