(Just Like) Starting Over

I just got home from the Valley Forge Billiard Expo where I got the chance to compete in a 16 player women’s 10 ball event. Originally it was supposed to be an 8 player event, but because there were other pro’s there that were interested in playing, it was expanded.

Despite ups and downs in my game I managed to finish 3/4th, which, given that fact that I took over a year off (not even practicing), and only began playing 9 hours a week about 3 weeks ago, is pretty remarkable. So I should be happy, right? WRONG!

I did learn a few things about myself this weekend, though:

1. Me + Tired = Bad Pool
2. I still love playing and competing
3. I am physically out of shape for playing pool and everything hurts

I think I’ll need to start hitting the gym again before San Diego…

2 thoughts on “(Just Like) Starting Over

  1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry i didnt see you at Valley Forge… Im happy that you did pretty good. I hope you do great in San Diego… Im sure its only a matter of time before you get back onto a TV match!

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