I hate talking about pool matches.

I’ll just say that I had some ups and downs in the first tournament on the WPBA calendar. It was held out at the Viejas Casino in Alpine, CA. I had a pretty bad finish, but all that matters is that I played with a lot of heart and never gave up.

An interesting thing happened in my last match. I struggled throughout, and at 8-8 I fought my way through the rack and pocketed the final 9. My opponent stood up and shook my hand. We exchanged a few words, and I glanced over at the table…the cueball is still rolling…toward the corner pocket! She walked over and said, “It’s not going to scratch”. It did. At pocket speed. Ouch. Some have said that because she conceded the match with a premature handshake I could have raised an objection and probably won. Why didn’t I? Because I didn’t deserve to win. I focused on pocketing the 9, and really didn’t take my cueball into account. I didn’t think I hit it that hard, but at my level I should always play a path that doesn’t intersect with the holes. My fault, I lost, I own it, handshake or not.

4 thoughts on “I hate talking about pool matches.

  1. I know what you feel, I had the same problem, in a hill-hill match I pocketed the long 8 with medium speed and the cue ball went in the pocket after 2 long rails.
    I see you like hill-hill matches !!!

    1. They’re more fun when you win them, but I guess even losing at hill-hill is better than getting blown out!

  2. Your integrity is more important than winning any pool match. That’s why so many people love you! See you in Vegas.

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