I love when this happens!

As I was leaving practice today I ran into the owner of Amsterdam Billiards, Greg Hunt, speaking to none other than Mike “The Mouth” Sigel. Greg introduced us, we’d never met before, and said that if I could come back in an hour he would put up a little money for us to play a challenge match. Are you kidding?? I would have been back even if I had to strap Max to my back to play. Luckily I could just leave him with the hubby.

I went back down to Amsterdam and we decided that I would play Mike a race to 8, even up, alternate break (so I had a chance!) in 10 ball, and my friend Jim Gottier would play Mike a race to 150 in straight pool. I played my heart out, and Mike played me with the utmost respect. During the course of the match he said, “I really thought this was going to be a cakewalk. You play really well. I’m impressed.” The score ended up 8-4, but that comment was one of the highlights of my pool career. I couldn’t stay to see the outcome of the straight pool match, but it looked pretty competitive!


5 thoughts on “I love when this happens!

  1. Mike Sigel ended up winning against Jim, in fairly convincing fashion. Mike gave Jim plenty of opportunities, but at what would have been turning points Jim managed to scratch in very unlikely fashion (twice on break shots).

  2. It was great to watch your ten ball match with Mike. I think what surprised Mike the most was your amazing safety game.

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