What is dedication?

Dedication is circling the block 5 times until your child falls asleep so you can squeeze in one extra set of 9 ball while he naps in his stroller.

I discovered this last Friday when I went to pick up my cue from the pool hall on the off chance that I would play in a tournament that weekend. Max fell asleep on the way over, a friend of mine was there playing alone, so I said, “Hm…I can either go home and watch him sleep, or…”. So I parked him in the corner and played my heart out until he woke up.

The next Friday I decided to do the same thing. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the pool hall, and when it’s nap time he usually can’t survive that long. The only problem is, this time I told him where we were going…and he loooves the pool hall. Needless to say, he was wide awake when we pulled up, so I took him for a little snack in the deli. I figured with a full belly, and a couple of laps around the block I’ll have him asleep in no time. Wrong! Every time we passed the pool hall he screamed, “Mama, POOLS!!!”. By the 5th lap I realized it was futile, so I brought him in.

I laid the ground rules first…no screaming, no throwing the balls and we have to stay on our table. He did all of those things and I let him run as many racks as he wanted to. When he wore himself out we hit the pavement again and one lap later he was sound asleep. I got in my extra set for the week, and it was worth every single minute. If you have 45 seconds, check out the video of Max running a rack below.

Now, before all you germophobes get up in my grill, let me just mention that someone posted a comment on a video of Max and I which insinuated that putting him on a pooltable was akin to bathing him in a cesspool. Believe me, if people in the pool hall aren’t washing their hands after showing the toilet who number 2 works for, they’re doing it everywhere else, too. Not to mention, every parent knows that the germiest place is the universe is the daycare center. So there.

5 thoughts on “What is dedication?

  1. Samm, you have no idea…he did that for an hour! I have to say it was fun watching him enjoy himself like that, though.

    Dragne, thanks. I just hope he doesn’t decide to play professional pool!

  2. Thank goodness for ball return pockets! I helped a friend clean a daycare center from top to bottom a couple of times and let me tell ya, it’s probably cleaner to eat off of a sidewalk! Holy dirty diapers Batman!!!

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