WPBA Championships

I was kind of dreading the WPBA Championships because I really felt unprepared for it. Things came up, I missed a few precious practice days, and when I did play it was a big struggle. The trip was bought and paid for so I just had to suck it up and go. When I got to Florida I hit lots of balls, got a really good piece of last minute advice from a friend, and voila, the magic finally happened.

I didn’t have a great finish in Florida (though 17th isn’t terrible these days) but I played well, sometimes really well, in every match but one. Of course that one was streamed, but I still managed to grind it out and win 9-5. In another match I was faced with a tough out at double hill. I came with the shots and closed the match but the best part was, instead of being filled with fear, I was exhilarated…I KNEW I was going to get out. It’s been so long since I’ve had that feeling.

It only took me the entire season to feel like myself, just in time to go back into hibernation until next season, but the great part is I have something to grab on to. I know it’s still possible for me to feel good in the arena. I know I can face down the demons at 1 am in a double hill match. I know I can keep a positive outlook when the rolls aren’t going my way. But best of all, I can finish the year in the top 32 despite everything.

And I got to do it all with some great friends.