My Top 4 Most Embarrassing Pool Moments

I’m not a funny person, but there’s nothing that brightens my day more than people who make me laugh. My closest friends are the one’s who give me a steady stream of things to cackle about, and in return I give them a great audience, and if they’re really hilarious an occasional snort. I can’t even believe I’m about to do this, but I love to laugh. Even if it’s at myself.

1. Hocus Focus

I’m known as a player with extreme focus. One time during a pretty big APA match I was lining up a fairly easy triple combo. I checked the spot on the first ball, backed up, checked the spot on the second ball, backed up, and fired it in! Only problem was I needed to go back one more ball. I shot an object ball as the cue ball.

2. How To Cool Off During a Match, JBar Style.

One time I was playing a WPBA match in which I was really struggling. I was losing 7-2 in a race to 9 and I just couldn’t seem to get it together. As I was in the chair I told myself that the next opportunity I got I was going to get it right. I poured myself a big glass of ice water and took a swig. This was my chance. I got up, strutted confidently over to the table,lined up the shot, and drilled it right into the rail. Disgusted, I sat down hard. My shoulder bumped the table and that huge glass of ice water tipped over right into my lap. In the arena. At a WPBA event. The best part of this story is what I did next. I didn’t take a break. I toweled off as much as I could and raged back to 8-8. I ended up losing the match, but next time I need to cool off I may just dump some water on myself.

3. My Eyes Are Up Here

I need to take a deep breath for this one. Back when I did the bikini shoot for FHM they had me on the pool table twisting and turning in unnatural positions for hours. I finally got a break and hopped off the table to a very sweet young male intern. He was responsible for getting me water or food or anything else I may need. I went over to him and grabbed a bottle of water. We were chit chatting, but I noticed that he was kind of looking around the room. He said, “I have to run, but do you want me to grab your robe or anything?”. I said no. After he walked away I looked down. Let’s just say that there wasn’t only one set of eyes on him. Oops.

4. The Whiff Heard ‘Round the World

Oh yes. Seen by thousands, perhaps millions of people worldwide. I whiffed the break on ESPN. To make matters worse it got picked up by a tv show called “Question of Sport” in the UK. In the same year, I was traveling all over the UK doing exhibitions in Riley’s pool rooms. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Hey aren’t you the girl who…” I could probably retire. Here’s a photo just in case you missed it.

I hope I got a few snorts out there somewhere!

4 thoughts on “My Top 4 Most Embarrassing Pool Moments

  1. I admire your courage in putting these moments out there for us to get a couple chuckles and a snort over. We all have these embarrassing moments, but for most of us, only our friends get to see them.

    Best of luck in your blog and your pool.

  2. Dear pool girl …
    just finished reading thru your blog. Interesting reading. Got to your site by looking up Ginacue. In a long round-a-bout way.
    Been there – done that: what you are doing & going thru. It only gets tougher – the better you play & more challenging your opponents become.
    One suggestion for when you are in ‘demon mode’ & need to finish. Breath control. Learn how to control your breathing … to learn how to control your heart rate. You can practice at home.
    When you can control your heart rate thru proper breathing techniques … your focus becomes crystal clear & distractions disappear.
    Martial arts techniques. Look it up. Internet.
    Good luck in 2010. Look forward to more of your blog.

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