Valley Forge Expo 2010

Ah, the Valley Forge Expo! Thousands of pool players converge for a long weekend of pool, pool merchandise, pool players, and to display what is, quite possibly, the greatest array of funny tee shirts ever to be housed in one building. These were my top 3. (Photo props to Erin Mc Manus for hunting down the guy in the middle.)

One of the coolest things you can ever see, that will make all the hard work worth it, is a giant picture of yourself in your sponsor’s booth. (Photo props to Justin Collett)

I mostly did the usual stuff while I was there…ran into old friends

Signed some autographs

Stopped by my friends’ booths

Took some abuse from a gleeful New Yorker

Unleashed some abuse on an innocent bystander

Signed a cue ball

Tried out some cute clothes

Attempted my first big masse in front of a crowd

And did I mention that I played in a tournament? I finished 7/8. I ended up losing to that annoying chick sitting in the upper left corner.

Thanks to Henry Balincongan for the last 8 photos!