“I want to let you know if you don’t already, you are a Champion!”

I don’t know what possessed him to write this letter, but it is dated 2/28/05. It was a time in my career when I was just starting to achieve success, and it seemed like everyone around me was breaking me down. We were on a 9 ball team together, and we ended up winning that season. At some point, he brought this letter to me. I think he saw the pain that all of the adversity was causing me, or maybe he saw my self-doubt (something I never, ever saw in him), but whatever it was, it meant the world to me. I carried it in my case for years until I became afraid of losing it. Very recently I told him how much it meant to me and he told me that a great player once wrote the same kind of letter to him.

“Don’t ever quit. Maybe you lose, but don’t ever just give up.”

I have so many memories with him: A road trip to Turning Stone, scotch doubles death matches, him watching me demolish a very good player and rooting me on the whole way, playing on nine ball teams together, listening to his crazy jokes, commentating the final rack of a tournament over the phone to him, practicing for hours, then going to eat, then back to practice…I really can’t believe my friend is gone. I’m just happy that he left me this little piece of himself.

“I want you to reread this letter. Words you might forget, but you’ll always have this letter to look back on.”

And I will Ginky. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Ginky

  1. Wow – that’s so awesome that he wrote that to you Jennifer…what a great piece of him that you get to keep forever. What an amazing person he was – it’s got to feel so unreal that he’s gone. So sorry for your loss… I have no doubt that all you New Yorkers will keep his memory very alive… ❤

  2. Jennifer – While you and many of your NY pool friends may not know me, I was deeply saddened to hear of Ginky’s passing just today through an announcment of his memorial tournament.

    Ginky used to come to Stamford and occasionally play pool with me and Rob Saez. We hung out together at a regional tournament in DC. Of all of their brat pack of then young guns, Ginky was the most thoughtful, nicest and reflective. He knew he had a gift and he worked hard at improving it.

    When Ginky hurt his neck, I had the opportunity to talk to him about it because my neck has always been a problem for me. He was just so so nice.

    There’s more to life than pool-playing, despite how much we all love it. I pray that others will remember Ginky’s words as well.

    All the best to all you hot shots out there. I hope to see you at the memorial tournnament.

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