My New BFF’s!

You’d probably never know this, as scarcely as I update my blog, but I love to write. One of the reasons for my lack of blog entries is that I am stretched very thin, and it’s difficult to find the time and the peace and quiet that are required to write something meaningful. Thankfully, my new BFF’s at Pooldawg have commissioned me to write articles every 3 weeks. If there is one thing that motivates me, it’s big brother breathing down my neck, so every 3 weeks I will be delivering a short manifesto that you will hopefully learn something from, or at least enjoy reading. The following is a link to my first article. Enjoy!

Thoughts from the Electric Chair

2 thoughts on “My New BFF’s!

  1. Maybe you can record your thoughts verbally through a voice recorder then type them down when you get the time. Anyhow, will be looking forward to your blog entries. By the way, it was nice “meeting” you here during the Yalin Women’s World 10 Ball Championships and having a pic with you.

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