When in doubt, blame it on the crazies!


Try as I might to never comment on political issues, as the mother of a first grader, I can’t remain silent. I am sickened by what happened in Connecticut last week, and angry to hear anti gun control people crowing about guns not killing people, and protecting constitutional rights, and what we really need to look at are the crazies!

Yes, many of these shooters are mentally ill. Yes, the signs are usually there before these things happen. Yes, the system is failing these people and their families who, in most cases, were begging for help. And yes, something needs to be done in regard to this issue, but let’s not use this as a parlor trick to divert attention from one pertinent fact. What the overwhelming majority of these killings also have in common is easy access to legally purchased semi automatic assault weapons.

I would never own a gun because statistics show that gun owners and their families are more likely to be a victim of their own gun, than to ever use it against an intruder, but I am not against other people owning one. A gun, to me, is something that needs to be carefully aimed, fires once, needs to be cocked to be fired again, and needs to be reloaded after 6 or 8 rounds. A weapon that shoots 30 rounds in 31 seconds only has one purpose. Mass casualty. There is no reason for civilians to own guns like these, and I’m pretty sure our forefathers would have written things differently if AR 15’s existed.

Unfortunately, mass shootings will be a part of life unless all citizens are required to give up assault weapons, but sadly, this is a sacrifice that people who want these weapons are willing to make. I can only hope that congress decides to make the connection, and put the assault weapons ban back in place. It will still take years for this trend to slow down because American households are apparently saturated with semi automatic weapons, but we need to start somewhere. My guess is that if the original ban never ended, twenty first graders in Connecticut would be sitting on Santa’s lap, or helping mom bake holiday cookies instead of having their bodies prepared for burial, but what do I know? I’m just a pool player.


6 thoughts on “When in doubt, blame it on the crazies!

  1. Many of the gun owners I know do not own so-called military styled weapons. We also are not mentally ill at the moment. As most of these mass shootings show that usually does not happen over night. I only speak for one citizen of these United States but in my opinion the very first thing we should look at is not taking away gun rights but taking away the right to cover up those who have these mental break downs! I’m all for intense back ground checks but they will do absolutely no good if the health systems and government authorities continue to cover their collective asses and keep the records of these defects out of the FBI database. The slasher in Texas has shown us what can happen in a matter of minutes with any kind of weapon, imagine if had used machete instead of an exacto knife! If your going to start dismantling our rights, start with those that have the potential not only of taking care of the worst case scenarios but benefit the most people in their daily lives. If my brother-in-law had been stopped my sister-in-law would still be alive.I only wish she had been armed..

  2. playing pool does not make you a constitutional expert or for that matter a deep thinker.it simply gives you a public format to express your views.the freedoms you enjoy and the right to express yourself are bought and paid for by people who honor and abide by the ammendments.read the 2nd ammendment and concider your human rights and how you would like to have the protection afforded in your own home taken away.it’s tragic that shootings and bombings occur,that dosen’t mean the world has to stop working.after all,why does the government have to have 1 Billion bullets?

    • Thank you for pointing out that I am just a dumb pool player, but I am smart enough to know that I have been given the constitutional right to express my opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  3. Well the reason people own their choice of gun is because it suits different purposes. The government has done such a poor job with the requirements and standards already in place, yet they want to increase gun control? Do you realize how many guns would be confiscated if the current standards were enforced. Just to start you must be an American citizen to own a firearm! How many illegals here on an expired visa own or possess a firearm, or multiple firearms. The other thing to keep in mind is the right to bear arms. It did not single out any one type of firearm. Also it allows the protection of family, friends, and defend our freedoms from an over reaching government. Hand guns self defense, rifles hunting, full or semi auto weapons are for either war or defense from a government providing it stretches beyond its reach which we have seen multiple times here in current history. The shootings were sad yes I agree. However even if the shooters had single round shots they still would have taken more than one life. If schools armed their teachers things like this may be prevented. It’s funny how mist of the shootings that occur are in gun free zones. Food for thought.

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