Ok, so they’re not all FAQ’s. Some are just questions that I would like people to know the answers to.

Q. Can you actually play pool?
A. Yes.

Q. How do you become a Professional Pool Player?
A. For women, you have to play well enough on a regional tour to get invited to the regional tour championships, then you have to play well enough there to finish in the top 8. That will get you entry into the WPBA, where you have to finish the year in the top 40. I hope I got that right. For more info go to WPBA.com. I don’t really know how the men go pro. I think they just pay their entry fee and show up. From there, the cream rises to the top.

Q. Do you ever play that Spider Lady?
A. That would be Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow”, and yes.

Q. Is she a bitch?
A. Actually, she was the person who made me feel most welcome when I first got on the women’s tour, so no.

Q. Do you travel all over the world?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you make a living from that?
A. Yes, especially if you do exhibitions.

Q. I heard you were in Playboy, but I can’t find the naked pictures. Where are they?
A. I only got down to a bikini. Sorry.

Q. When’s that movie coming out?
A. It’s finally complete! For more info, or to purchase a DVD, please visit

If you have any questions that I haven’t covered, email me at (me at jenniferbarretta dot com). You know how that is with spammers.

5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Love your FAQ. As for the movie, I heard from Tony Palma that he’ll be going back into production “this month” (this month being April 2009). Not going to hold my breath on that one, but at least he’s answering emails again.

  2. Hi… I just came across the 2013 eSpring tournament on YouTube and watched your match against TPE. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, but I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve seen you play. I know you felt like you played poorly, but I was impressed at your mechanics and poise in the face of some poor refereeing. The shirt foul they called was unfortunate, but the missed illegal break call in rack 7 was infuriating… especially since they called the illegal break against you on the very next rack! I noticed the illegal break against you but thought that it mustn’t be a rule in that tournament (although I thought there was a prior call for that…). You showed class, Ms. Barretta. Better luck next time… and keep blogging. Your words are inspirational.

    1. I appreciate the comment. Yes, it was an infuriating call at a critical moment in the match. Doubly disappointing to have traveled that far for such an injustice. Your comment inspired me to try to write more often. Thanks!

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