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(Just Like) Starting Over

I just got home from the Valley Forge Billiard Expo where I got the chance to compete in a 16 player women’s 10 ball event. Originally it was supposed to be an 8 player event, but because there were other pro’s there that were interested in playing, it was expanded.

Despite ups and downs in my game I managed to finish 3/4th, which, given that fact that I took over a year off (not even practicing), and only began playing 9 hours a week about 3 weeks ago, is pretty remarkable. So I should be happy, right? WRONG!

I did learn a few things about myself this weekend, though:

1. Me + Tired = Bad Pool
2. I still love playing and competing
3. I am physically out of shape for playing pool and everything hurts

I think I’ll need to start hitting the gym again before San Diego…

Let there be light…

I’ve been wondering exactly where to start this blog. When I started a blog for my son it was easy. There were ultrasounds, but in particular, very late in my pregnancy I had a 3D ultrasound, which isn’t like those black & white whattheheckisthat ultrasounds. It’s like a real picture. The first true glimpse of the life that’s about to be. That’s where I started his blog.

I’m about half way through my life (if all goes well), so going back to the beginning isn’t really possible. Also, I didn’t start playing pool until I was…well, let’s say 11 years ago. So maybe I should start at the beginning of my pool career. What would my pool career in it’s embryonic state look like? I’ve thought about this carefully, and although at first I thought it might look like this:


(My first tournament win, APA Singles 8 Ball Regionals)

Or even this:


(My first WPBA qualifier win)

I realized that the moment where professional pool became a reality for me would, in fact, look like this:


What the heck is that, you ask? It’s the moment my coach, Stu Mattana and I entered into a Mentor/Student relationship. This wasn’t the moment of my career’s conception…that happened one spring day when my husband and I impulsively walked into a pool hall to kill some time. This was the moment when that which I was dreaming about suddenly became a reality.

To quote my friend and mentor Stu, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”